Galway Christmas Song

The band Grandom as part of the Galway Random Sounds Project, has released a new original Christmas song:
Christmas In Galway

The upbeat song encapsulates the Christmas spirit of Galway at various locations around the city through voice, rhythm and melody.
Members Leo Wolstenholme (bass, violin), Barry Hurley (drums, vocals), Conor Graham (vocals) and Glauber Tocha (guitar); are joined by Anne Hutton and Bríd Kenny (vocals) to bring this piece together. The song was mixed and video compiled by Leo with original video concept by Conor. Many thanks also goes to Robson, Melani, Nadia, Anúin and Asia for their help.

The Galway Random Sounds Project was created and developed back in 2020 when the first lockdown occurred in Ireland. The project began in order to facilitate musicians in Galway to still collaborate on original music. The project enabled musicians to make remote recordings and put these together to form pieces of music. Notable contributors to the project include Catherine Fleming, Eoghan Hughes, Jack Sinnott, Mark Felmingham, Marcio Noal, Marco Luna and Kelvin Frain. Last year, the project released a Christmas song entitled “The Covid Inspector Is Coming To Town”. Grandom was formed of some musicians from the Galway Random Sounds Project after in-person collaboration became feasible again.
Christmas In Galway

More information regarding the Galway Random Sounds Project can be found on their facebook page.