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The western-most city in Ireland, has been welcoming strangers for over a thousand years. Galway City, or Cathair na Gaillimhe in Gaelic, means 'stony river', but is often mis-translated as the ‘place of the strangers’. 'Strangers', an old Irish proverb says, 'are friends you haven't met yet! Today, Galway is one of the most popular destinations in Ireland for tourists who love this vibrant, thriving city with its rich and diverse cultural, historic, artistic and musical heritage.


A walking tour is a great way to discover the rich history and cultural heritage of Galway city, and the good thing about Galway is that it’s fairly compact and easy enough to get around on foot. Whether you choose to go with a tour company or make your own way around the cobblestone streets, it’s a great way of being part of the hustle and bustle.


The advantage of going on your own steam is you can stop and start as you please without feeling you are delaying the group. However a tour company would have the advantage of a guide to answer those “burning questions”, and also to add their personal touch with in-depth local knowledge.  Do not forget a good Galway map if you’re opting for a self-guided tour of the city.

Galway Walks with Brian Nolan

Galway Walks with Brian Nolan

The old city of Galway comprises less than 50 acres and is perfect for exploring on foot. Join Brian Nolan as he wanders the streets of Galway recounting tales of war and conquest, joy and tragedy, emigration and slavery, success and folly. Walk in the footsteps of Saint Brendan, Christopher Columbus, Robert Emmet, Daniel O’Connell, W. B. yeats, Padraig Pearse, James Joyce, John Wayne, John Huston, J.F.Kennedy and many, many others who have strolled the cobblestoned streets of Galway.
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Walking Tour Galway with Liam Silke

Galway City Walking Tour with Liam Silke

Experience the beauty and heritage of Galway city with one of Galway's best loved characters, Liam Silke, leading you through the winding streets to discover a bustling modern city filled with Olde Worlde Medieval charm. Walking Tours in Galway with Liam Silke offers an adventure spanning centuries in the passing of an afternoon.
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