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Advertising works and attracts customers to your business and increases your sales.

When consumers see strong and positive advertisements they are more willing to visit you. Advertising on What’s on in Galway’s website does the hard work for you allowing people to see your business internationally as opposed to local social media groups which have very limited reach.

We have readers on our website from all over Ireland and from other countries looking at things to do for their next visit.

Many consumers are more likely to visit a business after viewing an advertisement, more consumers mean more sales and more business for you.

So why delay? Click on this link Advertise with us page and choose your advert spot today.

Why Advertise with us - Mega low prices and you can be sure your advert will target many new customers.

What's On In Galway provides the following services at great prices:

Ad-spot Locations and Options

What's On In Galway offers you a full range of Advertising Options to fit any advertisement budget.

List your Business/Services

You can list your business/service on What's On In Galway  Business Directory

Sales/Landing Webpage

You can have a free sales/landing webpage like below with your own business details, services you provide, pictures and a video

Galway Bird Watching


You can place your ad/banner clickable to your own website and we can provide a free sales/landing webpage for your own listing on the Business Directory

You can also use Video ads

Rolling News Text Ad

You can place a rolling news ad on Galway Rolling News clickable to your own website with our free sales/landing webpage or to your own listing on the Business Directory.

Special Ad Packages

We offer Special ad packages to have total exposure on our website. 

Ad Spots and Pricing

Here you will find all you need to know about each page Ad-spot and the pricing, discounts.

Our Graphics Design Team can help you design your perfect advert.

Here is a Video guide to our Ads


You can list your upcoming charity events or music gigs completely free at What's On In Galway Events


If you have good news to share or if you've seen an excellent compelling news article for the Galway area you can share it for free at What's On In Galway News

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