Advertising Options

Advertising on “What’s On In” could not be easier. We have developed an easy to use self-service booking platform where you can book your Advertising-spot for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year, giving you the flexibility to change your advert when you want during your advertising period.

Booking an advert is simple using our “Click and Pay“ secure system via Paypal, credit or debit card. We offer a full range of advert sizes to fit any advertisement budget.

  • A Big Slider Banner
  • Triple box Ad
  • Sky Scraper Ad
  • Double box Ad
  • Single box Ad
  • Thumbnail sliding banner

We can also offer bespoke advert sizes to fit your requirements.

For those advertisers, that have an advertising video, then our advertising platform allows the video to be included as well. 3 minutes of video is worth more than 3,000 printed words. More and more advertisers are using video in their advertising mix.

Your advertisement will link direct to your website, or if you do not have a website, we will produce a FREE Sales Page for you as part of your Ad-cost. The Sales Page will give you the opportunity to offer your product or service to the viewer.

If you have any questions on any of our Ad spots, costs, placements, please contact us here Contact Us page.

Sales Page Layout

Sales Page Layout when Advertise in Galway

Sales Page Example

Sales Page Example when Advertise with us What's on in

Ad Spots and Pricing

Ad Boxes

You will find with over 50 Ad-spot location with What’s On In Galway we offer Ad-spots to fit all budgets.

  • Business directory listing. Promote your business on the Galway no.1 online business directory.

  • Rolling Galway News, delivering the latest news from Galway and the surrounding area, combined with those advertisers, who want to place their wording with this delivery method. It has a unique feature, when you hover-over the words, it will stop rolling, and will link to your website or sales page.

  • The Big Sliding Banner Ad-spot, is a very popular Ad-spot. The banner rotates every 3 seconds and is hyper linked to your website or sales page. The Banner can also display a video, a very popular feature. Video is playing more and more in customer’s decision making.

    The Big Sliding Banner is on every page. You can chose the Home page, Tab page, Map page, or on a specific targeted drop down menu page.

  • The Home Page is the most popular page where advertisers are eager to display their adverts. Any advertisers can be displayed on the Home page.

  • Our Targeted Drop Down Menu pages, laser target your advertisement to those, that are looking for a particular item. Restaurants, Hotels, Things to do, Places to visit, Attractions, Golf, Fishing or Activities.

    If we don’t have your sub heading category, we will create one for you and your business.

  • The Thumbnail small slider at the bottom of the page is for those that have small budgets but still want to advertise on “What’s on In Galway“. These small but powerful adverts link to you website or sales page.

  • Galway Map to add even more value to your ad-campaign we have an active “Galway Map” tab, which hyper linked to every advertiser. When someone hovers over the map and click on an area, it brings up a new page with all advertisers in that area. This is a very unique FREE feature, allowing a visitor to see all that’s going on in their area.