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Quality of education being affected by large class sizes

Galway East Sinn Féin’s Louis O’Hara has said that the quality of children’s education in Galway is being affected by large class sizes. He said that countless classes are “far too big, in buildings too small, and not fit for purpose.” O’Hara’s comments come after it was revealed that there were 125 primary school classes […] Galway Daily …

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Berni tells Andy the truth about Briain in Ros na Rún

Berni reveals what Briain did to Andy, Bobbi Lee is fuming at Berni’s deception, and Mack wants Niall to let loose one last time in Ros na Rún. Berni tells Andy that Briain raped her, which is why she doesn’t want him to have anything to do with her child. Andy is out for blood, […] Galway Daily …

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