Sorcha’s misplaces drugs and puts her promotion in jeopardy in Ros na Rún

The relationship drama keeps up at full speed in Ros na Rún, while Sorcha’s promotion is in jeopardy as she

Pádraig and Dan get a taste of relief when it becomes clear that Sam is clueless to their relationship. But Dan isn’t satisfied with this outcome, and thinks they should be honest with Sam, putting Pádraig on the spot.

Bobbi Lee gets a threatening letter from Andy, but decides to keep it to herself out of concern for Niall’s safety.

Mo, feeling sorry for Caitríona, offers to help her in any way she can. She immediately takes Mo up on the offer, as she’s keen to continue with her documentary on Frances death, while Mo is decidedly less enthusiastic.

Sorcha’s day goes from bad to worse when she realises she may have left drugs in Mack’s hackney, and is left desperately wondering if Mack will find her drugs.

Niall excitedly plans his proposal, and looks forward to surprising the love of his life. Will the best laid plans go awry, or will love triumph?

Catch up on all the drama from Ros na Rún this week in a double feature omnibus this Sunday on TG4 at 8:30pm.

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