NUIG expert warns of danger of comparing fatality rates of Covid-19 with winter flu

Galway Bay fm newsroom – A leading expert in the field of Bacteriology and Microbiology at NUI Galway has warned of the danger of equating the death rates of Covid-19 with the winter flu.

Professor of Bacteriology at NUIG and Consultant Microbiologist, Martin Cormican says that the threat posed by Covid-19 for vulnerable people far outstrips that posed by the seasonal flu.

A common theme throughout the pandemic has been the comparison of the two, often used as a measure to minimise the severity of the coronavirus crisis.

Health officials across the world have warned of the comparison, citing it as a danger to public health.

According to Professor Cormican, most people have a limited form of immunity from seasonal flu’s, while no such immunity exists for Covid-19.

He says there is no effective comparison between the two viruses – for more, tune in to Galway Bay fm news on the hour…

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