Galway’s Palás cinema in further controversy as it appears on tax defaulters list

Galway’s Palas cinema in the city has appeared on the latest tax defaulters list, under the name of the company which set it up, not the current owners

The arthouse cinema on Merchant’s Road, which has been shrouded in many financial controversies since its inception, owed just over 821 thousand euro at the end of June

The listed name is Solas-Galway Picture Palace company limited by guarantee, which Revenue says is now in liquidation

The listing is described as a revenue audit case with non-declaration of tax

The Revenue latest list of tax defaulters, published today, shows settlements worth almost 8.5 million euro were made between April and June.

18 of the latest cases were for amounts over 100 thousand euro while 3 exceeded one million euro.

Among them Medical Services provider Dr Kevin Hickey unlimited from O’Connell Avenue in Limerick paid more than 1.2 million euro in taxes, interest and penalties.

In a second entry on the list Kevin Hickey medical consultant also repaid almost 600,000 euro.

Knitwear designer Lainey Keogh was the subject of a revenue audit case and had to pay over 122,000 euro in interest charges and penalties.

Haulier Colma Mary Moore of Browneshill road, Carlow, and Tuskar Property Holdings Limited from Dublin both owe over 1 million.

While Journalist Andrea Smith paid more than 75,000 euro for non declaration of tax.

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