Daily allowance increased for Gaeltacht summer school hosts

Galway Daily news Increased funding for Gaeltacht summer college accommodation providers

The government is increasing the allowance paid to Gaeltacht families and hostels to support summer schools.

A daily allowance is paid to those families and hostels which provide housing for people attending Gaeltacht summer schools.

The daily allowance paid under the Department’s Scéim na bhFoghlaimeoirí Gaeilge to households recognised under the scheme will be increased by €1, from €12 to €13

In addition, the daily allowance paid to hostels/boarding schools recognised as providing accommodation under the scheme will be increased by €2.50, from €7 to €9.50.

The table below outlines the breakdown of increases since 2022:

Daily Allowance Increase allowed 


New rate for 2024
Ordinary courses €11 to €12 €13
Hostel/boarding school accommodation €6 to €7 €9.50
ERASMUS Gaeltachta €20 to €21 €22
ÁRAINN Gaeltachta €32 to €33 €34

Minister Byrne said, “I understand the importance of Scéim na bhFoghlaimeoirí Gaeilge, not only to the Gaeltacht, but also in terms of the valuable life experience attendees on courses gain while they are immersed in Irish in the Gaeltacht.”

“The households who provide accommodation are the backbone of this scheme and I want to acknowledge their contribution.”

“I am glad to note that this is the third increase under Scéim na bhFoghlaimeoirí Gaeilge provided during the term of this Government.”

“In total, this represents an increase of almost 30% on the daily rate payable to families, while in the context of boarding schools and hostels, it represents an increase of 90% from €5 to €9.50.”

The objective of the Scéim na Fhoghlaimeoirí Gaeilge (SFG) – which is the oldest scheme administered by the Department, is to support the provision of additional opportunities for language acquisition and enrichment in the Gaeltacht for post-primary and third level students.

As a result of the increase that has been announced, an overall fund worth approximately €5.5m will be invested annually by the Department for the benefit of the sector.

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